Sunday, May 18, 2008

Knitting in the park

I think I mentioned before that I’m not doing so well with my watercolor class this time but I was rather pleased with this. It looks a little wonky just because it’s from a photograph, not a scan. The exercise was to do the whole painting using just 2 colors.

Today at our fiber arts guild meeting we’re going to have a lovely lady who owns a shop in Urbana, IL. She’s going to get us started on a shawlet project that we’re going to finish together as a knitalong. Since, theoretically, it’s supposed to be warm this time of year, we’re going to have the knitalongs in area parks. One of our board members, Cindy, did a great job getting this organized and I think it's going to be a lot of fun.

Don’t know if they’ve decided on a specific park or if we’re going to move around but it sounds fun anyway. Our local spinning guild has our monthly meetings in a park and we had a lot of fun meeting local people last year.

Of course, all is subject to change since just a few nights ago the low was 42 degrees and we were back into our winter sweaters. But we’ve had several days of 70 degrees so maybe we really will have summer. (You know it’s bad when I’m ready for warm weather!)

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