Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Oooh, you just have to look at this:

Isn't that the most beauooootiful spindle you've ever seen?  It was made, all in one piece, by my friend Cindy.  Her spindles are just getting better and better.  It's the most beautiful wood and it spins like a dream.  The middle section there is being filled with the angora that I starting spinning on it last night. 

It's taller than the other support spindles I have but it's so balanced and feels so great in the hand. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Slowly but surely

I'm not making very quick progress on the various sweaters and cardigans I've been working on.  I'm still on the second sleeve of the Kauni cardi, I'm getting ready to rip the body of the bohus but I've finished the body on the Fibonacci cardi and have started on the sleeves.  I made a mistake at the beginning with the ribbing so I'll have to redo it but I love the way the body has come out.  As you may remember, this was knit in a tube so I had to sew the openings for the front and back neck and each sleeve.  It would have been easy to felt those areas but I didn't want to wait for it to dry so I just used the sewing machine.  I won't cut the front until I get ready for the button bands.  Make it much easier to work the sleeves to leave it in the tube.

If you think there's a weird shift of the rows, you're right but it won't matter once I steek it and get the button bands on.  I decided to just do regular sleeves, knit from the top down.  I thought I had the same number of balls of each color but when I had a look, I must have only had 2 of the turquoise and the green  but I had 5 of the blue.  So I decided to do the sleeves in a solid blue color with small color stripes when then coincide with the small color stripes on the sweater.  I think that will hit about the elbow and then I'll repeat them at the cuff.  I think that will keep the stipes interesting instead of distracting.

There's no pattern for this, I'm just winging it, so it makes the progress so much more satisfying!  Hopefully I should be able to write the instructions down at the end, once I get it all figured out.