Sunday, September 2, 2007

Learning from the past...

I bet you know that wool is warm and that wool is fabulous but did you know...

This is from a 1939 Beehive knitting magazine that I found yesterday when I was out and about. It seemed so funny. I think of all the studies and claims that we hear these days and people get so het up. I think that 68 years from now we'll have some decendents laughing at us, too!

"Wear Wool and Be Well

ULTRA-VIOLET TRANSMISSION THROUGH FABRIC MADE FROM WOOL – It is an established fact that the health-giving ultra-violet rays are transmitted to the body with greater power through Wool than through either Artificial Silk or Cotton."

I have finally finished my fair isle sweater (with the help of air conditioning and the fan on full blast because, as mentioned before, wool is warm!) and I'm very pleased with it. I need to do a little more blocking on the top of the sleeves but it's ready (and I'm ready) for some cool weather. I have a feeling that's a way off yet.

Now I'm going back to knitting and enjoying my long weekend!