Monday, April 13, 2015

Robyn Spady

Robyn Spady absolutely rocks!  I joined with Weavers Guild of Peoria for a weekend workshop with Robyn. Not only did I get to learn more than I ever imagined and be provided with the excellent resource that is her workbook and presentation, I stayed in the same house being hosted by the hostess withe the mostest, Jennie of Hopewell Weaving.

What a delightful weekend. I don't often use that word but it's the one that fits. She's got some really interesting projects going and fingers in some fascinating pies. You can access some of her resources at Check out her 50 favorite weaving things blog (she's on about 46) and more. 

The main hung I learned is that you can use a single warping to weave a number of different styles. Each person had their choice of 3 warpings - periwinkle overshot, huck lace or rose point twill (I think it was rose point…anyway it was a twill). They we wove the same treadling and got to compare the variations. 

It was so fascinating!  I used the overshot warping. Here are some of my samples. 
I'll get some better photos when I finish the warp. Right now I'm working some longer repeats of my more favorite samples and I've got probably another yard of warp. 

I'm so inspired that I may make a weaver yet!