Monday, May 19, 2008


Before I go work on my project for my watercolor class (which is tomorrow) (yeah, right, that’s always the way I’ve done my homework) I just wanted to share with you some of the things I’ve been coming across on the photography front.

First of all, I was looking for a book that would simply cover some of the basics of the manual settings for the camera to learn what things like aperture and shutter speeds and the like mean. I went down to our local library and found a couple of books that looked promising. The best one was one called, creatively enough, “Digital Photography” by a man called Scott Kelby. Now to those of us who are not photography or Adobe Photoshop connoisseurs, the name means nothing. But I liked the fact that it wasn’t a bunch of techno-babble. His premise was that this would be like he was out on a shoot with the reader and the reader asks him a question like, “So, what do I do here?” and he would just answer the question – do this, that and the other thing. I liked that, it made sense. (There's also a volume 2 that I haven't seen yet but I'm sure it's full of good stuff, too.)

In fact, I liked it so well that I went out today and bought it. Not only did I buy the book but I found Scott’s blog that lead me to a lot of other fun. The reality is that in the world of photography and Photoshop he’s a big noise but he seems to be hugely generous to others playing in the playground. His
blog is a great mixture of teachable moments and sharing what others are doing. Out of clicking through links from his links I came across this – a guy who posts a photo a day. As a friend said today, “Oh, for the time to take, process and post a photograph a day!” I feel like that so much of the time.

I’m enjoying it. Indeedy do.

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