Thursday, February 13, 2014

In the Land O'Cotton

My friend Laurie has been learning to spin cotton.  She’s been texting me photos and descriptions of her progress.  I’ve got more than a few projects going on, including a final curtain valance for the living room windows.  (It’s going to be a thistle pattern, a nod to my love for Scotland.)

Just the mention of cotton, however, sucked me back into the land of cotton.  I just couldn’t stay away so I dug out my ongoing cotton spinning project (ongoing because cotton lasts FOREVER) and went to work. 


The small ball is a singles of about 300 yards of cotton, I would estimate.  The ball being wound from the 2 spindles is probably another 150 yards at least – as a 2-ply, of course.  I can’t wait to wind this cotton off so I can spin another singles to match the ball and get it all plied.  Will that be enough cotton spun?

I mentioned this was an ongoing project.  This is a skein I spun earlier.  I have another 2-3 larger skeins floating around here somewhere, one spun from tri-color natural-colored cotton.  The goal was to spin enough to knit something but I haven’t figured out yet what would be best to knit.