Sunday, December 22, 2013

For Mom

My mother hinted the other day that she was tired of seeing the same post so I figured it was time to pull my socks (handknit, of course) up and get something posted.

Actually this post carries on from the last post.  I have done a number of other projects since the last post, way, way, way, long ago, but I can't show all of them because some are gifts and some because of other reasons.

But for this post, I show this:
This is a sample knit from the various yarns I've spun for my fair isle sweater which is no longer going to be a sweater.  I've decided that it's going to be a poncho so I can #1 - know that I have enough yarn (I don't think I have enough for a sweater and while I have more off the green and chocolate brown, I've spun all the fiber I had in the other colors) and #2 - better show off the bulky yarn.

Yes, the yarn came out a little bulkier than I'd originally anticipated but that's okay.  It's going to be cozy warm and I really like the idea of having more use out of it as a poncho than I might have had with a sweater.  I think, too, as a poncho, it won't have as much wear and tear, with accompanying pilling, as it might as a sweater.

That's what I've told myself anyway.

The plan as it stands right now is to do a wide border similar to this sample, then a large band of fair isle and then this sort of striping around the neck.