Sunday, April 15, 2012

Gearing Up

I'm about to have an extremely busy, meeting laden couple of weeks so I decided I needed to gear up.  All I had on the needles that would be workable during a meeting were half a pair of socks, and an easy, peasy scarf.  I knew that wouldn't be enough so I've been casting on madly.

Like this:
 Thistledown doily, crochet
 Tatted edging that uses just the shuttle.  Nice, repetitive, easy pattern.
 Feather and Fan doily, knitted.  Size 20 thread, US size 0 needles.  How fun it that, to play off the classic feather and fan pattern.  This is one of the oldest patterns known to knitters.  Love it.
Priscilla book from 1959 with 2 of the existing projects and about 5 future projects.  This is a jam-packed book.  All for just 29 cents!