Friday, October 3, 2008

This is where the 'N more comes in

I just got home from the Opening of the watercolor show and I’m surprised, astounded and, frankly, a little bit in shock that one of my paintings won an honorable mention. Out of about 50 or so paintings (some of which were breathtaking, by the way) there was 1st, 2nd and 3rd and then about 8 honorable mentions. One of those was mine. I still can’t fathom that that happened. I’m really anxious now to see the notes from the comments made by the judge. They’re being transcribed and I don’t know when they will be distributed but that’s really the reason I entered the paintings I did – to get the feedback from an artist of the caliber of Tom Francesconi.

The show will be at the Chase Bank lobby in downtown Springfield through October so go have a look.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


My Great Grannie was a great character. I remember going to visit her and Great Grandad in their home in Goldthswaite with their 300 or so wild cats and their barn with all the treasures and the spittoon and the pies. The first thing you did when you got there was to watch all the cats disappear - partly because they were wild and partly because my brother, though he has long been a friend of the cat, was at that time quite a terror to them. Grannie's cat, Tiger, wasn't too fond of him, either.

When you walked in the house, before you even looked for which pies Great Grandad had made, you looked for the spittoon so you would know where to sit -always on the other side of the room. Only then was it pie time. Great Grandad put up all his own fruits and I just remember the array of pies - a fruit pie or 2, pumpkin, pecan (it's pecan country, after all!), lemon merange (although I don't know how to spell it) and whatever something he had the urge to bake. Fabulous baker, he was.

Then there was Great Grannie, sitting in state in her chair ready to talk! (And they wonder where I get it from.) She was blind all the time I knew her but boy she could tell stories. She had to go live with an uncle at a very early age - an uncle with 5 grown and almost grown sons. A recipe for a high sense of self and sense of entitlement, if ever there was one. Anyway, she got away with all sorts of things, like rallying the kids in the 1-room schoolhouse to lock the teacher out once he went to the outhouse so they could have a dance with their smuggled instruments while the teacher tried to get back into the building. I once asked my Grannie how much stretching had been done by the time the stories got to us and she told that, as far as she'd been able to find out, they'd pretty much happened as she related.
Anyway, all of that to say that I finally finished my sketch of a picture I found of my Great Grannie where we think she was about 20 years old. Although she was very trying for my poor Grannie, she was a sheer delight for the younger me. I know there are things that could be better with the drawing (I won't point them out to you, I'm sure you'll find them!) but I was very happy with how it came out overall - especially for me as I don't consider myself much at sketching. And, Mom, I finally finished the face!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Finally, some pics

I've finally been able to get some decent pics of the spinning I've been doing of late and also of the Berroco Cosima sweater/jacket. Usually I don't think about the photos until it's too dark to get something decent.

Here's the yarn I've been spinning. It's from the Lincoln/Coopworth mix roving I got while in Wisconsin. Once I started plying (which was done with a Navaho ply - 3 ply) I could tell how much more comfortable I got with the spinning as I went on. Getting close to the end of the plying (which was the beginning of the spinning) I could tell the ply was much thicker and less confident. I'm really proud at how this came out and am looking forward to finishing it. I ended up with just over 172 yards so I won't have enough to do what I originally intended but I think I can figure out something to do with it! It looks more grey here but it's actually a green/black mix.

And then here's the Berroco Cosima sweater. This is from the Berroco book #281 and made from Cuzco yarn which is 50% alpaca/50% wool - beautiful hand.

Here's the detail for the neck - the buttons are antique shell buttons I picked up a while back and I love what they add to the sweater.
I have been wearing it but can only stand it for about 15 mintues! Don't want to wish cold weather too soon but I can't wait to wear this!