Saturday, March 7, 2015

Learning something new

I learned the basics of the ancient lucet many years ago but I've never done much with it other than the basics. Here's what it looks like. 
This week, through the kind of rabbit trail sort thing that happens when you follow someone on Facebook or Twitter, I found a most fascinating project.

Jennifer Hansen from Stitch Diva Studios posted a blog post on choosing colors. After reading this post I scrolled down to the next post which was all about making a lucet cord with 2 gimps. I had to try it!

(Here's the link to her tutorial page:

Her video was superb but it took me watching it about 5 times and having several goes at it (my lack, not hers) before I got the hang of it. 

Here's the project as I finished it this morning:
Depending on the gimps you use, they take on a sort of beaded texture with a knitted-looking stitch on either side. 

Have a look at her video (and do t forget to whizz by her online store) and try something g new today!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Right time and place

I'm a big believer in waiting for the right time and right place, not pushing things that are not ready. 

As an example, about 3 or so years ago I was given 2 cones of 10/2 perle cotton in the most hideous mustard color. I couldn't imagine what I would ever do with it so it has sat in my stash with nothing planned for it. 

When I finally started putting my toe in the weaving pool I thought it might be good throw away warp that I could practice with. 

Before Thanksgiving I finally wound a warp. In January I finally got the little 4-shaft table loom warped. This is the one I found buried in an out of the way antique shop in the wilds of Kentucky about 3 years ago which I spent quite a while cleaning up and putting to rights but haven't yet used. 

And there it sat. I had plans to do some sort of sampling but just wasn't that excited about starting. But tonight I was digging through some supplies where I found some multi-colored cotton flake that a friend had given me several years ago. I couldn't believe it!  It included the perfect colors to match with the warp that I had waiting. The PERFECT colors. 

Now I can't wait to get started weaving my towels. 
The turquoise on the right is just the waste yarn used to set the warp up and the blue in the middle is a perle cotton I was going to use for my sampling. And the. On the left is the beginning of the cotton flake. 

Monday, March 2, 2015

Ooh La La

FINISHED!  I ooh'd and aaah'd while I was spinning and while I was knitting but only in the wearing is the true luxury felt. 
Once it's washed and blocked it will lay a little better but I love it so much I need to work on writing down the pattern. I wasn't going to but I just have to. 

There's nothing hard about any of it but I didn't keep track of things as I went. Watch this space and I'll post it when it's ready. But to get the full effect you should really get your spin on!!