Monday, May 16, 2011

This time for sure

I tried several times during the week to post but blogger was down for a couple of days and I'm still having trouble uploading photos.  Hopefully this will work.

I just got back from Chicago where I was doing a tatting class for some of the folks from the LACE group.  There's going to be a beaded tatting class at the Lace Days on June 18 (actually this class is going to be the day before - see info posted on the above link) and some of the folks wanted to get in a lesson on tatting before they got to this more advance class.  There were also a couple of sisters who joined us, one of whom I met at TLD Designs where she was teaching an enameling class.  They were all the biggest hoots.  We laughed all day long.  And the best part is that every single one of them tatted.

It's not all going to be comfortable the first day you learn something new like this but they did fabulously!  Practice makes it more comfortable.  I love it when you get a room full of people who are willing to try just about anything. 

Our hostess, Nancy, was definitely the hostess with the mostest and I deeply appreciated her offer to put me up on Friday night so I didn't have to drive up and back in one day.   Thanks, Nancy.  You're the best!

Before we got started, we got entertained by an acrobatic squirrel:

In case you can't see, he's got his back leg hooked over one of the stands for the birds.  He was in high cotton, you can bet.
The table was set up ready for the gang:

We were moving too fast to get actual class in action photo (for some reason, I never think about taking photos while I'm running around the table!).  But we did get this one photo before everyone headed off:

I can't even tell you how much we laughed.  That's definitely the way to have a class!!!

Next up, the last event in my busy, busy spring, is the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival in Lexington, KY.  This is a new event with this being, I believe, only the second annual.  If you're anywhere near, you definitely want to come out.  There are a ton of vendors, demonstrations and classes all day Friday and into Saturday morning.  I'm doing a Spin for Lace class on Saturday morning and there are only a few places left. I'd love to see you there!