Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ready to hit the road

I'm off tomorrow to Chicago ready for my flight to London.  It's one of those weird things that you wait for and wait for (10 years in this case) and when it gets to be time to actually go, you can't realize it's actually going to happen.
People keep asking to see pics afterwards - I just hope I remember to take some!
A couple of things I'm excited about, other than seeing old friends, are visiting the Museum of Fashion in Bath.  It's supposed to be fabulous - in the Pump Rooms (ala Jane Austen) - with more than 500 bags.  I'm especially looking foward to seeing the knitted and crocheted beaded bags.  Yum.
I've also got several knit shops pegged out to visit and I found a knit night in Glasgow that I hope to join one evening.  Yea.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

All of a Quiver

I'm all of a quiver now that my big trip to the UK is looming. All the plans (that can be made in advance) are made, all the phone numbers recorded, all the stuff in the bag and I'm ready, ready, ready!

I'll try to post over the next 2 weeks but can't promise anything. Guess it will depend on how often I can get to a computer.

I had a lovely surprise on Sunday. One of the ladies in our Fiber Arts Guild, Ms. Pat Harper, the amazing, generous woman of stash, brought me some perle cotton. Now, she did tell me she was going to bring me some. I was thinking a few balls of the little DMC perle cotton. What was I thinking!! She brought me a trash bag FULL of sizes 5 & 8 perle cotton - 60 balls/skeins of perle cotton PLUS about a dozen spools of decorative colored edging thread. The cotton was mostly of 2 brands (I'd never heard of either) but one brand has almost 300 yards and the other brand has almost 500 yards of cotton. Geezaloo! The cruel thing is that as I was going through the bag drooling like an idiot, I kept thinking - ooh, I could do this with this one and with that one I could do this and use these beads and ooh, I can't do any of that now. No time before the trip and I don't think I'm quite insane enough to bring beaded knitting or crochet on the trip. I can't guarantee that until I'm off but I don't think I am. The thing that's got me going absolutely potty is a gorgeous rayon thread (about size 8, I think). There are 2 skeins of white and 2 skeins of champaigne. They are going to be so, so, so...I can't even think of the word...knitted with beads. I'm all of a quiver thinking about it!