Saturday, September 28, 2013

Another day, another curtain

I got one of the valances for the smaller windows done and I was working on another, this time in filet crochet.  This is a pattern from a 1943 classroom book but it's a pretty typical filet crochet pattern of flowers.  I thought I'd be able to do 2 repeats to fit the smaller windows but it's not going to work.  One repeat isn't quite wide enough for the smaller window but 2 repeats, it appears is going to just a little narrow for the double window.  I can easily add some filler pattern to either side of the curtain or maybe just a nice wide border will do it and it will fit the double window perfectly.
You can't see the points very well but at the end, I will do a small border along all the edges that will help those lay flat.  Plus I'll starch the liver out of it.  That helps, too. Ha!

Filet crochet always feels a little like magic to me.  you work row on row on row, taking it by faith that you're going to wind up with something at the end.  Then you roll it out and step back.  BAM!  You've got something pretty.  I'm also thinking about doing a filet crochet antimacassar for my couch but I'll have to figure out what color to do it because I don't think white will show up very well on it.