Monday, September 13, 2010

Knitting History

There have been so many exciting things going on that I've hardly had time to process it.  As the legendary Iñigo Montoya says, "Let me 'splain. No, there is too much.  Let me sum up." (Princess Bride)

Stitches in Time Heritage Knitting Program
The most exciting thing to come up is the next phase of the Heritage Knitting project.  A couple of weeks ago Jane and I met with some lovely folks at the Illinois Old State Capital here in Springfield.  None of us expected anything to come of it but we just sort of started to talking about what we did with the Heritage Knitting Retreat and they started talking about what they wanted to do and we suddenly discovered we were all talking about the same thing - bring together knitters wanting to learn about heritage knitting.  They took it a step further in wanting all of this to happen in the most fabulous historic setting.  Can you imagine knitting here:
How cool is this?!  I ask you - How cool is this?!

So here's what's going to happen.  We've got 2 classes scheduled (in this very room!) and in between and around those classes, we're going to have "knitting circles."  This will be a place for everyone to come and knit, share a love of history, get help with projects and just have fun.  Do you have to be a knitter to come to a Knitting Circle?  Well, I'm glad you asked because, in fact, no you don't.  Are you a spinner?  Are you a crocheter?  Are you a weaver? Why don't you join us?  You can't imagine how fabulous it's going to be to knit (or spin or weave or crochet) in this space.

Are you coming for a visit to Springfield?  Please join us - there are plenty of things for your family to do while you're hanging out with us!!

Saturday, October 9 - Mitt Class (9am - noon)
Saturday, November 13 - Small Wrist Purse (Pence Purse) Class (9am - noon)

Knitting Circle (9-11am)
Saturday, October 2
Saturday, October 30
Saturday, December 11

Registration Information
$40 per class; Two family members for $60
Fee includes 3 hours of instruction, registration and complete kit of materials
Register at the Tinsley Store at 209 South Sixth Street or by calling (217) 525-1825

The plan is to continue with a series of classes next year building up to the Heritage Knitting Retreat next June.  As soon as we get some more dates nailed down, I'll let you know.  You can download a flyer here and we'll be posting more info here.

Lincoln Land Classes
The last few semesters, the classes planned for Lincoln Land have not gone for lack of registrations so this semester we tried something a little different and scheduled the classes for Friday night.  I know how hard it it to give up a Saturday, even for a knitting class.  Friday night seems to be doing the trick because 2 of the classes (knitting socks and tatting) are already full enough to go and the other has some interest as well.  Guess I'm going to have to get busy! There are still spaces available in the sock knitting class and the knitting with jewelry wire and beads class.  So be sure to get your registration in.  More info can be got here.

Now my next post is (hopefully) going to be a report on the spindles and fiber obtained, used and spun over the past couple of weeks that I've been so negligent of the blog.  I will feed to the blog.