Sunday, July 6, 2014

Finishing up

I've had a project on the pillow for close on 3 years, I think. I'm pretty temporally challenged but I think it must be quite 3 years. (

The LACE group in Chicago started a yardage club. To gain membership of the club you have to complete 2 yards of a lace. When I started, it seemed like an impossible task but I chose an easy edging and started. Much to my surprise, it was working the pattern over and over that finally provided my AHA moment and the art of lacemaking started making sense to me. So I will be forever grateful for this little club. 

Oh, yeah, I finally finished!! 
I've actually worked it a few inches over now and it's still on the pillow because I may just want to make a little more of it. 

I've had some offers for it from some of the re-enactors in the area but I'm not sure in ready to part with it yet.