Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Video

I just wrote a whole post that disappeared when I was trying to post it.  Never mind.  Here we go again.

I've just posted a new video on spinning cotton from the seed so give it a look.  Here's the link.  It came out of a program I've been preparing for the Prairie Weaver's group this coming Tuesday.  I thought this would be a fun way to have a follow up for those who want to go back and practice spinning from the seed (which, by the way, is my favorite way to spin cotton).

I also wanted to remind you that if you've ever wanted to try out spinning with a drop spindle and are in the Central Illinois area, be sure to sign up for my class at the Lincoln Land "Needle in a Haystack" event on January 15th.  There's still some room in the class.  You'll be able to put together your own spindle, learn the basics of handling fiber and get started spinning.  Although the class is a little over an hour, I'll be around all day in the demonstration area and you can bring your stuff over and we'll spin all day.  Here's a link to more information about the day and how to get registered.  There are lots of other classes, too.  Hope to see you there.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Finally finished

I decided I needed a basic, neutral cardigan (last May) so I pulled out my stock of Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool and got started.  I just wanted something simple and I love this yarn more than any other commercial yarn.  The price, colors and style is perfect for experimenting with patterns and for any kind of sweater.

It looks a little weird on the dress form but it fits great.  The yoke is a bit weird but I kind of like it.  Actually I'm not bothered by it because it fits and will do what I wanted it to do.  I haven't done buttons yet I think what I'm going to do is put snaps down the front instead of buttons and then put an accent button where the saddle shoulder section come together.  Might look cool.

Happy New Year, by the way!