Tuesday, February 7, 2012

50 Steps Back

I got the hankering to try a new bobbin lace project.  I've actually got a multi-craft project in mind and wanted to try some things out.  I looked through several of my bobbin lace books and found a little mat in my copy of "The Torchon Lace Workbook" (Bridget M. Cook).
Isn't that pretty?  And it's a fairly small project that only calls for 14 pairs of bobbins.  The pattern is called Scandinavian paperweight because the main stitch pattern is called Scandinavian holes (and fans - the fans are around the outside, Scandinavian holes on the inside). 

It took me several days to get everything together, pattern pricked, bobbins wound, etc. and I finally got started on it late Sunday night.  The very beginning was kind of a challenge but I got it started and the first section went easy as pie.  But now I've had to turn the pillow a quarter turn to start working on the second side and it's not working so well.

I haven't been able to do too much because I didn't get home until after 7pm but what time I've had has been spent undoing stitches.  I think I've made about 10 stitches and taken out about 20.  I've had a look back at the intro lesson on making this stitch so I think I understand where I was going wrong.  That'sto be considered the right direction.  I think.  I'll let you know.

I'm using my English bobbins that I handstained and spangled and wound using size 80 mercerized cotton.  It's not actually fine by bobbin lace standards (and lacemakers prefer to use linen thread which I don't have) but it's plenty fine for me.  This is the same stuff I used to knit the doilies with the quad zero knitting needles.  I like the way it holds its shape.

Speaking of cotton, I finally got a photo of the tahkli-spun cotton skein I finished this weekend.
I wish you could feel how squishy soft this stuff is.  It's not very consistent but that will improve with practice.  I ended up with about 69 yards our of 1/8 oz (2g) of cotton.