Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Most talented friends in the world

I have some of the most talented friends on the whole planet.  Don't believe me?  See what my friend, Cindy, made for me:

This is a Russian-style spindle turned using ebony wood.  It's so beautiful and elegant and the wood is super dense giving it a good weight.  It has such a wonderful feel to it. We believe this is Macassar Ebony which is why it's not black.  All I can say is I'm totally smitten.  It's beyond what I ever hoped for.

I picked out the wood when we were at a woodworking shop in Champaign a couple of weeks ago and she gave it to me at spin club last night.  I fell so deeply in love that I kicked it up last night with some fiber I had on me and got what you see on the green bobbin done just from last night and a little bit this afternoon.  If you want to see how a Russian spindle works (from someone who really knows what they're doing with it), have a look at this video from YouTube:
Or this one:

She also made the Navajo spindle I use most often.  She's been making the most beautiful spindles and is getting us all started with this style of support spindle.  She's getting so clever with her lathe that it's not leaving her much time to spin!  or weave.  or sew.  The price of fame is often steep!