Monday, April 30, 2012

Not always what they seem

I spent a little time this weekend straightening up (which for me usually entails dragging out box after box and then putting most of them away).  I got a new chairside table with a lamp built in that I really like but it meant moving all the books, bags and projects away from the other table I was using before I could get it in place.

But one thing that didn't change is that I've got strands of yarn laying here and there, left over from projects that then attach to clothing and distribute themselves throughout the residence.  Tonight I went to the grocery store late because there's no one else there and I can take my time without getting run over.  But when I got back, I went through the hall to the bedroom and when I came back out, I noticed a strand on the floor.  It was pretty thick, almost chunky and it didn't look familiar. I started to reach down to pick it up and throw it away but had a little second thought and turned the light on. 

Ya'll.  It was the biggest old worm I ever saw and almost made me jump out of my skin.  Not that I'm afraid of worms but I was expecting yarn.  Wool. (It's usually wool in my house.)  I don't care who you are, a worm is not the same as wool.  It doesn't grow wool, it doesn't wear wool.  It's not wool.  So when you're expecting wool and you get a big fat 8 or 9 inch worm, you're allowed to jump.  You just are.

These photos were taken outside in the dark but you get the idea. Not wool.