Saturday, February 21, 2015

Soooo close

I got so close to finishing my sweater. I thought sure the 400 yds of lace weight I'd done would be enough. And it almost was. 

I got down to this. 
And that's not quite enough to do the job. 

So I spent my day working on getting a little more done. 

Now I just need to ply and wash and then   I'll be ready to finish.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Work has resumed

I finished spinning and am now knitting with the most luxurious luxury yarn I've ever knit with in my whole life. 
I just can't put it down (not without having a temper tantrum). Even if I never wear it, I will have it in my lap to squish and pet. Crazy soft and cushy. And I thought the alpaca part was soft. 

I think I've got enough in the 400 some odd yards I've got but I do have enough fiber over for another 300-400 yards if I need it. Otherwise it will be spun for another project. But it will be spun. Unless I need it for this project, I'll probably wait until it warms up a little so the silk doesn't go quite as nutso. 

But so far, so good and on we go.