Monday, January 28, 2013

I love it when my friends travel

I have a wonderful friend called Jane.  Jane and her husband travel a lot.  That's a little sad because we miss them when they're not here.  But whenever Jane travels, she brings me back wonderful little crafty gifts.  That makes me very happy because she chooses such fun things and is so generous with them.

They recently got back from a trip to the Mediterranean where, knowing I love bobbin lace, she picked up this hankie:
Isn't that lovely?

Don't I have a good friend?

I've been asked by the Prairie Weaver's Guild in Springfield to do a beginning bobbin lace class the first weekend of March.  Since this will be my first time teaching this craft, I'm a little bit nervous and a whole lot excited!

I've even arranged to do a 2-part class in the fall at Lincoln Land Community College.  One week will be an introduction to bobbin lace (one evening) and the next week will be an introduction to Teneriffe Lace.  I hope it catches people's imagination because I think it will be a fun introduction to both of these antique lace techniques.  If you're in the Springfield area, be sure to watch out for the LLCC catalogue that will be out in March.