Saturday, March 24, 2012

Too much fun

To answer the question of if you can have too much fun, I think I would definitely say, "Yes!" 
I just finished 3 hours of demonstrating cotton spinning. It was not 700 kids (thank goodness) but it was a steady flow of kids and their parents for 3 hours. I would estimate 150-200 kids although some of them felt like 700 kids all by themselves!! 
But it was so much fun to watch them as I explained that their jeans and cotton tees started out as the little fluff of cotton they were holding. They each got a cotton seed and I'd started a couple growing last weekend that were an inch or so tall. So I think there are going to be lots of cotton plants in Springfield this summer. 
Here's what my booth looked like:
(edited to fix pictures)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ready or not. Mostly not.

On Saturday morning I will be participating in a family art fair that organizers hope will attract 700 kids. I will be demonstrating spinning cotton and will have cotton seeds the kids can try to spin from and then plant if they want.  This is Thursday night.

This is where I'm at in preparing my display:

So there can be no doubt as to how my Friday night will be spent.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Three Down

All the ribbing is done, ends worked in and steek accomplished.
But I had to stop to spin more yarn because I only have about 2 yards left and I've decided to do a button band.  I really like the length and the fit and it's so cozy that I didn't want to take it off but I did because I started sweating and feeling faint.  I'm better now but be assured that it's in my lap and I'm petting it because I can't believe how soft it is.

Now that I've decided on a button band, I need to decide what buttons to use.  Black?  Yellow? Metal?  Will it never end?

I've got the extra yarn spun and now just need to ply and wash.  I've got to get cotton stuff ready for next weekend but I think I'll have time to get that done and then the button band should be lickety split.  Right?