Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Fuzzy Wuzzy

Mohair is the most ambivalent fiber out there. Some people love it. Some people love it but can't wear it. Some people hate it. Some people say it's too hard to work with and others buy whole fleeces of it to spin. 

Most mohair yarn is lace weight but about a thousand years ago I bought several skeins of chunky mohair. 
Sirdar color soft - 60% mohair/40% acrylic. 

I started a project that I ended up not liking it so I ripped it out. That's not easy. So then I had this idea that I would crochet a shawl using a large size crochet hook because that would use it up quickly. 

Tonight when I was vacuuming, I came across a project bag that was hidden under another project and I've decided to rip it out and I'm going to knit a project. 

If you think it's hard to rip out knitted mohair, wait until you try ripping out crochet mohair. Fun. 

Anyone taking bets on whether it will work out?