Monday, July 4, 2011

More finishing

I've now finished all but one of my recent in progress spinning projects.  Here are the latest finishees:

The first is camel.  I wasn't at all pleased with the singles (per the aforementioned lack of skill with the long draw) but once I got it plied and washed, I'm much happier with it. It really did soften right up.  There are still spots that are too thin and too thick but the majority of it is quite tolerable now.

The other yarn pictured here is some silk that I was given during a workshop on spinning silk.  I don't remember why I was given it but it spun up so pretty and soft.  I know exactly who it's going to but I won't say in case she sees this post.

And finally, let me introduce you to the blue stuff.  This is merino fiber I bought at a shop in Champaign sometime last year.  In fact I forgot about it because it was hanging right in my face instead of hidden in a tub in the fiber closet.
I wanted something really fluffy and bouncy out of this fiber.  I'm getting a little better at spinning a thicker yarn.  This is probably a light worsted weight with about 200 yards out of 4 oz.  I did a fairly high twist on the singles and plied it with a tight grist.  Here's a closeup:
I think it's going to be great for a hat and mittens.  Hat and scarf?  Definitely a hat.