Monday, January 23, 2012

Upcoming dates

Just a quick post to give you some upcoming dates.

Lace Class
In February, I'll be doing a 2-session introduction to lace class at Lincoln Land Community College.  It will be 2 Friday night sessions (2/10 & 2/17) and we'll do a sampler scarf so we can play with different lace patterns.

Knitting With Jewelry Wire and Beads
In April, I'll be doing a 1-session class at Lincoln Land on knitting with the fine jewelry wire and beads.  Everyone should be able to complete either a bracelet or a pendant during the class.  April 6.

Spinning Long and Short
I just heard that I've been accepted to teach a spinning class at the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival in Lexington, KY.  On Saturday May 19th, I'll be doing a 4-hour class covering the various types of "draws" in spinning from short draw to long draw (and in between).  I taught a spinning for lace class at this festival last year and I had so much fun.  There are a gagillion vendors there, too.  Everything from wheels to fleece to roving to gadgets.  It's a magical place. 

Keep an eye on the web link above as they begin to post classes and vendors for the Festival.  The Festival itself is Thursday-Sunday and is linked to the Sheepdog trials.  So not only can you buy sheepy things, you can go watch them being chased around a field by some very talented dogs!

For now, those are the only events that I've got booked.  Last year got way too crazy so I'm trying to be a little smarter this year about my time.  Of course that probably means I'll get 10-12 more things booked before summer.  Sigh....