Sunday, May 31, 2009

All in a day's work

Not been much time for knitting or much else lately with a heavy load at the day job but this weekend was a different story. Not that I actually did much knitting but I did do quite a bit of finishing. Such as:

and a larger version of the baby seed jacket. I didn't get a picture because, honestly, it's exactly the same as the other one only bigger. That's it.

I did get some spinning done today, almost the whole 8 oz of the fiber I was spinning. No pictures because it's for someone and they don't know yet but it's some gorgeous stuff and has been a dream to spin, as might can tell from the fact that I've spun almost the whole batch! There's only a little more to go and then I can get it plied and ready for the recipient. But it's good stuff, Maynard!

Here's something I wanted to share - the view from my front door. It's quite fun to sit and watch the birds play in the water after it's rained. Like this: