Friday, November 16, 2012

Still here

Life goes on, right?  That's all I'm saying.

Tuesday night I did my first program on bobbin lace making.  The Prairie Weavers group asked me to give an overview of bobbin lace history and I thought I'd do a little practical hands-on as well.  I love doing programs for this group, they're always so involved in the programs and ask great questions.  I had a look at the tools for lace making like the various pillows and types of bobbins and then the types of lace made all over the world.
While I was preparing for the program, I thought I would do this little bookmark pattern as a sample.

When I was at the Vogue Knitting event in Chicago last month, I visited the Habu booth because I thought I might find some interesting yarn to use for bobbin lace.  I came away with a silk/stainless steel and a linen/stainless steel and a 100% ramie yarn.  With lace, you need a yarn/thread that will have some structure to it, which is why linen thread is so often used.

I tried the linen/stainless steel but it didn't work.  Too rough. But then I did this pattern with the silk/stainless steel and I LOVED it!  It's going to work great!