Sunday, February 12, 2012

When in doubt, read the instructions

After my good start on the bobin lace project, things went badly wrong and I ended up with a mess.  I obviously hadn't gotten the hang of making the main stitch of the project.  So, out came the book and the basic lesson on Scandanavian holes.  After going through the practice piece, I realized what I'd been doing wrong.  Now it was time to go back to the drawing board:

You can see at the top right the mangled piece.  To the left is the practice piece and the bottom right is the finished piece which was done properly.  This is the most complex piece I've completed that was actually done right so I'm feeling quite the sense of accomplishment.

Bobbin lace is quite as addictive as any patterned knitting.  It's that feeling of, I can't lay it down because I just need to see what it will look like through this section.  Just one more stitch.  It's the eternal cry of the addicted.

It's been quite a saving grace for me this week to have this puzzle in front of me, having to pay strict attention to every single stitch.  Other parts of life have been so frustrating and maddening that having to pay such deep attention to something has saved me from playing the craziness over and over in my head. 

Not bad, getting therapy and achievement, all in one go! 

Excuse me while I go rewind my bobbins and prick the next pattern.