Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's summer, right?

Sorry, but blogging has taken a back seat during this time in my life to life.  There's still plenty going on but I'm usually just too tired to take pics and post.

This weekend ended up being pretty productive, even considering all the things I had to get done for an upcoming trip.  I've been working on a beaded bag that got this far until I ran out of beads.  I had to wait for my favorite bead store to open after the holiday so I could go get another tube but darned if they didn't have any more of the beads I'd used for the bag.  But they did have something close, the beads you see in the fringe here.  Yes, I got this far, had to rip out, tread the new beads and got to the same point and ran out of beads.  But this time I only ran out of beads that were threaded.  Don't worry, I got 2 tubes of the suckers so I would make sure I had enough.  You can's tell too much in this photo but the new beads are a square cut and they have a little more shimmer color in them than the beads in the bag.  But I think it's going to work fine.  There will also be a row of loops about an inch from the top.  I'll have to save showing you the frame I'm going to use until I get it finished.  It will be lined and I already have the lining made.  It will just need to be sewn in. 

 Another project I started this week was an Elizabeth Zimmerman Pi Shawl.I found this fingering weight boucle (I think it's a JoAnn Fabric store brand) in these great spring colors.  You know I love the lime.  I thought this would be a great wrap for the warmer weather when you need a little something in venues with air conditioning.  It's only just begun and there's no way I'm going to knit a lace edging for it.  This one will have a crochet bind off and like it!
 And, finally, I have no earthly idea why I started this project other than I just really liked the pattern and I'm a sucker for color work.  It's just dawned on me that these 3 projects represent the 3 types of knitting I most like to do - beadwork, lace and color work.  Humm...

I didn't have the light weight yarn the pattern called for but I did have a bunch of different colors of Brown Sheep Nature Spun (my favorite yarn) and I was able to approximate the colors from the pattern.  Mine's going to be much longer than intended but I'm probably just going to frame mine anyway (if it comes out alright, that is).  I just love the process.