Monday, August 31, 2015

All about the baby

People who work with me know that every baby gets something hand-knitted. The size or elaborateness is usually commiserate with how well I know the person. I always ask if they have something in mind (for one Christmas baby it was a little elf onsie costume with a pointy hat and boots with bells on the toes - so cute and what she dressed the baby in for Christmas Eve) but otherwise I get my choice. 

There is an upcoming baby for someone I worked with at a previous job who I like very very much and whose husband works at my current place of employment. It's her first and we know it's a girl and she wants pink and frilly and girly. So fun to knit a pink frilly girly something. 

And this is the something. 
It will be a blanket using the feather and fan stitch, one of the oldest recorded knit patterns and as frilly as they come!!

I'll also be doing a pink fluffy housecoat to go with it so I hope that will be pink and frilly and girly enough for her!