Friday, July 19, 2013

Perennial Workbasket

I never paid too much attention to Workbasket magazines before I learned to tat.  Oh, I knew about them and knew my Grannie kept them and used them from time to time.  But my notice never went beyond that.

That is until I learned to tat.  All of a sudden, Workbasket became my favorite publication.  There is at least one tatting pattern in every Workbasket, almost from the beginning of publication in the 1940s.  This most recent pattern was published in the October 1967 issue.  I kind of stumbled across this pattern the other day when I needed a new pattern to start.  I think it's the prettiest tatted doily I've ever made.

And it's been spoken for.  I was at lunch with friends the other day tatting away when one of them happened to mention that they would love to have a tatted doily.  Wasn't that good timing?  Me with a doily to finish and her needing a doily?!