Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sailors and Leaves

I finished this outfit this afternoon and wanted to go out and find me a baby to put it on! I’m not writing from jail so, needless to say, I didn’t do it. But I wanted to.

I was working on the pattern but I realized two things:

1) I wasn’t as far on the pattern as I thought I was.
2) I wrote the pattern and worked the pieces flat but, unless you work Norwegian purls, you can’t really do the colorwork flat.

Rats. I thought about doing it in the round early on but, for some reason, I didn’t carry through. So now I’m having to rework the pattern so that the middle section is worked in the round. The other complication about this is that I worked the sleeves from the top down by picking up stitches along the armhole section. Now, that will still work but it will take using double pointed needles. I think I will need to give an option for making the sleeves separately.

I think I’ve got it pretty well worked out but I’m going to need to do some testing to make sure I’ve got the math right. I also had to rework the pattern repeat so that it would fit the number of stitches around. So, almost done.

I’m very excited about my new camera that I’m still trying to learn all the things I can do with it. I love that I’m finally going to get to learn more about the art of photography. I’ve had a long-time fascination with photography so now I’m going to learn some of the technical side of things.


Elsie said...

I ran across your blog when I was searching for patterns to either sew or knit sailor suits for my two grandsons, who are 8 months and 13 months old. I made matching sailor suits for their fathers, my two sons, back in the mid-1960s and had a professional photographer take their picture, and I so wanted to do the same thing with my two adorable grandsons, who are first cousins only 5 months apart. I love the knitted suit pictured on your blog. Would it be possible for me to buy the pattern in 18 and 24 month sizes? I've been knitting for probably 60 years, but I rarely design my own patterns. How I would love to have had one of these little boys available for you to try the suit on a real baby! Recent photos of both of them are on the first page of my website. Please let me know how I can get your pattern.

Dianna said...

Elsie - send me an email at and I will get the pattern to you. I love the thought of my pattern carrying on a generational tradition! - Dianna