Friday, July 29, 2011

I thought it'd never end

Knitting an edging on something round has got to be the most soulless, mind-numbing, feel like it's never, ever, ever going to end task in all the world.  Worse than sitting in a traffic jam going home on Friday night until people start walking from car to car visiting with each other (I've been there.  I know.).  Worse than trying to watch a program that's been shown 42 times a year since 1973 on PBS during a pledge drive weekend because the tv won't turn off and you're tied to a chair with your eyes taped open (OK.  I've never had that happen but there's no saying it couldn't.).

The point is that when you're knitting something in the round which ends up with 576 stitches that have to be knitted off individually, two rows to a stitch, even if those 2 rows are less than 12 stitches each, you're sure that you will never finish.  It will never end and all the other knitting you did simply counts for nothing because you'll be 82 and still knitting off those stitches.  And unless you're 81 when you start the edging and you're birthday is just around the bend, it feels like the ultimate unattainable.

But if you ever reach that pipe dream of having a finished project, I'm here to tell you that you don't wait to work in all the ends.  You don't wait until you've washed it and you certainly don't wait until you block it.  The first thing you do is this:
You lay it out on something it will stick to so it will hold its shape until you've taken the photo.  Pinning out 160 tips of edging can wait.  For now, now is the time for savoring.

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