Sunday, July 19, 2015

Moving along

The good thing about the hot temps is that it's easy to justify staying in the house and working on my lace projects.

Exercise 5 and 6:
One of the most challenging things about lace is learning how to move from one element to the next, making sure that all the bobbins are in the right place ready for the next element. 

It's kind of like a good pool or snooker player. They hit each ball while in their head placing the cue ball in the right place not just for the next shot but several shots down the line. 

My problem is sometimes my mind is away with the fairies and I'm not paying attention to what's coming up. But they say practice make perfect so I just keep practicing. 

I really like this little edging. 
It would be lovely on a baby' garment. Very sweet and dainty. 

The corner makes a very tidy turn by switching out the worker pair with the next pair in line. By doing this it saves the pucker that would happen if you tried to work through all the passives with the same worker. 

I remember seeing this with another pattern but I'd forgotten about it. Very nice, elegant solution.

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