Sunday, March 15, 2015

I Wonder What This Would Do...

My friends will tell you that my favorite craft store is @Lowes. The point being that I enjoy finding things that do one thing and seeing of they will work doing something else. It inspires me to think differently about common items. 

With my intermediate tatting class coming up at the Chicago Lace Day in June, I've started experimenting with alternate material to work with. 

How about using thin jewelry wire as part of the base so it can be shaped and hold it's shape?  What about using a thicker thread as a base to give the item some structure?  What about using some thick stretch magic as the base to give it some weight and structure?

Here are some of the experiments. 
Three pendants and a pin that also incorporates some needle techniques. Add a few beads and a few jewelry findings and you have yourself a unique piece in no time!

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