Thursday, May 13, 2010

Time for Heritage Knitting

Time is getting close for the Heritage Knitting Retreat in Petersburg, IL, in June.  If you've been interested in the the retreat, you'll want to get your registration in soon.  We've got a very full, very fun program planned so come join us.  You can find more information and a downloadable registration form at the link above.

Lest you think all I've been doing is crocheting, I wanted to post some pictures of a spinning project I've also got going. 

It's Blue-faced Leicester roving hand dyed by frabjous fibers in Vermont.  The colorway is Potash.  This is the second batch I've spun from frabjous fibers - beautiful colors and spins like a dream.  Boy, that link is dangerous.  I got a little lost there - but I'm back now.

I'm spinning part of it on my new Fricke spinning wheel.

Since I haven't had time to share some pictures of my wonderful new wheel, here's a view of the whorls.  Very industrial, right?  I like it.

And that's a view from the front.

And part of the fiber, I'm spinning on my Ashford drop spindle. 

Of all the spindles I've got, I always go back to my Ashfords.  My very first spindle, and in fact my very first contact with fiber, was with an Ashford drop spindle.  I always go back to it.

I can't tell you how much I love this fiber.  I saw it and immediately could visualize a shawl.  I wanted to do the test to see how different the yarn would come out depending on the method of spinning.  As you can see, I've got one bobbin done with the spindle; with the wheel, I've almost finished the first bobbin and will start on the second bobbin. 

In case you're wondering where I got the bobbin, it's a noodle bobbin.  Noodle, you know the things you use in the pool?  Cost a couple of bucks?  They make great bobbins - just cut them to length and trim down the middle.  It already has a hole in the middle for the lazy kate so it's ideal for storage and plying.  And that's our top tip for the day.

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Peggy Graham said...

And here I thought pool noodles were for helping install rear-facing car seats! You learn something new every day. LOL