Monday, May 17, 2010

Kentucky is Grand

Before I tell you what I did this weekend, I need to show you this - my first real tatted doily.

Now on to my story...Weekend before last I took the Friday off with the intention of visiting Lexington, KY.  Just because I'd never been there.  I didn't go, however.  On Monday, I found out that the next weekend (this past weekend) was the date of the Wool and Fiber Festival in Lexington.  Man, I would have been mad if I'd gone the weekend before and found out how close I'd been to fiber. 

Friday night after work I lit out.  I wasn't in time on Saturday morning for classes but I got to be there with my people. 

Here we are entering this wonderful place...
Alpaca galore - actually probably 80% of the fiber was alpaca.  Evidently there are a lot of alpaca people in the Lexington area.  I thought it was a little expensive as far as alpaca goes but it was nice fleece, that's for sure.

There was also yarn galore...

and roving galore...

and dogs galore...

Oh, yea, the sheepdog trials were going on at the same time - it was a great weekend.  They started way down the end of this huge field where a man, his horse and his dog kept the sheep contained.  Then the dogs came.
The dogs guided the sheep up the field through various fences and up to the handlers. 
The dogs worked to the direction of the handlers' whistles and shouts.  Fascinating.
And, in answer to your question, I am indeed fibered up!

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