Sunday, January 24, 2010


I'm in one of those phases where I've got lots of large projects on the go and it's hard to see any progress on anything.  Usually I have a smaller project that I can finish quickly and have some sense of accomplishment but not right now.  So, it's slowly as we go.

Amish Center Diamond Afghan - I'm almost finished with the 3rd side.  After the 4th side I will still need to make a diamond motif for the very center.

1923 Lily Pond Breakfast cloth - I'm almost finished with the 3rd motif (some sort of pattern happening here).  There's supposed to be 6 of them but I'm going to see if it will work with 4.  I'll still need to make the placemat sections to go with it so I've got quite a way to go before finishing this one.

Colorful lace - I'm spinning this merino, trying to do some true laceweight yarn.  These are 1 ounce batches that I got in a sampler package several years ago.  Once I've got the colored singles done, the plan is to do a singles of black then ply the 2 together.  I have no earthly idea what I would do with it but it's a dream to spin.

Pima cotton - I got this cotton still on the seed a couple of months ago and I've been wanting to get at it ever since.  I've interrupted the colorful lace which, although it's a dream to spin, takes forever to spin.  I've taken the unprocessed cotton still, as I said, on the seed and combed it out with a little doggy comb to get it ready to spin.  I know there are cotton combs but I've found these work just as well and cost about $6 each. 

I've done a little bit of cotton spinning but never enough to really think I know what I'm doing from one time to the other.  So it's taken me a little bit to get up to speed and it's not very regular but it's okay for me for the present.  It's more about experimenting (playing) and getting a better idea of how cotton works.  I'm hoping to get a bobbin full. I'm certainly not a third of the way through this one!

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