Sunday, September 20, 2009

Going Southwest and Progress

I had these the other day but the post was already too long so I decided to wait to share it. A few weeks ago a friend asked if I wanted to go in on a Navajo-Churro lamb fleece. She'd made herself a Navajo spindle which fascinated me and I'd asked her to make me one. The fleece seemed to be the next logical step.

The fleece came and we've both been playing with it in preparation to the spin along with a spinning group on Ravelry. She kept saying there was an aweful lot of vegetable matter in it but I didn't realize how much until I started working on it. Here's a shot of the locks before and after some preparation. To the left is a skeinlette of generic wool I spun on my beautiful handmade Navajo spindle. Here it is:

Ain't it purty!
On another note, I've finished the first section of the 1923 pattern. It's going to be HUGE but it's going to be gorgeous.

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CL said...

Nice locks! It will be interesting to see if there are many differences in our spun-up skeins, since we're prepping/spinning differently. :-)

And I love your skeinlette! I wanted to take the cop off of mine, but left it on for the weaver's guild display - people wouldn't know what the spindle was otherwise. :-)

And all I can say about the 1923 pattern is: