Monday, May 4, 2009

Obsessed? Really?

I learned something about myself this weekend. Okay, maybe I've known for a while but I'm now ready to admit it.

I'm an obsessive knitter.

Think I'm exaggerating? I'm working on a new knitted doily using another color of the Coats and Clark size 50 cotton. It's kind of a gold color and I'm knitting a doily called Sunburst. This evening I finished round 97 and when I started counting up the hours I'd been working on it (because people always ask you how long it takes you to do stuff), and I think I've put in about 32 hours.

Now how does that translate to obsessive? 32 hours to knit 97 rounds? Well, I started it on Thursday evening. Yes, last Thursday. This Thursday just past. 4 days ago.

Case closed.

(but isn't it beautiful? I know the picture's lousy but trust me, it's beautiful. I totally heart this thread.)

P.S. Doesn't look that large until you realize it's done with size 50 cotton and US size 1/2mm needles. This is shown on 24" needles - 640 stitches. It's a lot. Pattern calls for size 60 cotton but at that size I figured Icould get away with 50!!

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