Thursday, May 7, 2009

4 rows forward, 2,560 stitches back

or it could actually be 6 rows forward and 3,840 stitches back. It's too early to tell. Come to find out, when you're knitting size 50 thread on size 0 needles over 640 stitches, it's possible to lose your concentration. And, if you're keeping score, watching NCIS reruns doesn't help.

You would think that one would be able to keep track of repeating the same 16 stitch pattern 80 times wouldn't be that difficult. But, obviously you would be wrong. I discovered it today as I was trying to complete another round during my lunch hour. I got to the last 10 or so repeats when I realized that the stitches weren't falling into line properly. The attempt was made to see if these repeats could be corrected in place (like you can often do with cable stitches) but, they fall right in the place where there are yarnovers and knitting 2 togethers and whatnot and I can't bear the thought of dropping a stitch at this point. I'm just going to suck it up and head backwards. Sigh...

what it shouldn't look like:

and yet it does.

what it should look like:

But on a happier note, here's the completed Baby Argyle and I can't get over how cute it is! I love, love, love it.

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