Sunday, April 26, 2009

Babies Galore

Why does it seem like babies come in bunches? I’ve got a couple of babies coming up (not personally, you understand!) so I’ve been stocking up on the baby items. Here are the first 2 things I’m working on.

The first is a baby jacket based on one I found in a 1937 baby knits magazine. I bought this
Berroco Comfort yarn originally for a baby blanket but I love how it worked on this jacket. This came out a little small but fortunately I have enough to make one a little larger!

The second is a baby argyle sweater using Sandnesgarn Lanett. I’ve had argyle in the back of my mind for a long time wanting to do something with it. I can’t believe I’ve never done an argyle pattern before this but this is the first effort. I think the color combination is just what is called for but the overstitching of the yellow is taking longer than it took to make the whole sweater, something to keep in mind for a full size sweater.

I’m going to do the sleeves in yellow and then I’ll do a little ribbing around the neckline. I’ve redone the shoulders several times and still don’t like them so I’m leaving them until last. Maybe something will occur to me before then!!

I’m planning to do a tam to go with this and, if there’s enough yarn, socks, too. Knitting for babies is very addictive because they tend to go so quickly that you get that quick payoff.

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