Saturday, April 25, 2009

Vintage Update

I was over at the Lincoln Presidential Library today to thank the ladies who set up the knitting display and let them know that PieceWork was thrilled to be a part of it. Gwyn told me that there had been a lady in from Memphis who fell in love with the pieces and the idea of working up these old patterns. I think she said the lady was a teacher and wanted her students to know about how these types of items were constructed, etc. They have had quite a few people through, evidently, that have enjoyed it.

Another of the librarians, Jane (a different Jane), was giving me all the low-down on a wide variety of projects that are in the works that we might be able to be involved with in some way. How very exciting! She was one of the folks responsible for the period clothing that was used in the re-staging of the play Lincoln was watching the night he was shot, Our American Cousin. What a thrill that must have been to be involved with that project.

These ladies (and gentleman) that work in the Presidential Library are so nice and so friendly and so committed to fiber arts. They're definitely making sure that knitting and other fiber arts are represented in the collection there and I would really recommend a trip in to have a look at some of their 19th century needlework/craft treasures. I can't wait to take some more time now that other commitments are slowing down to spend a lot more time researching. When I'm not spinning cotton or knitting baby things, that is!

I'm knitting for 2 babies at the moment - 1 here and 1 in Glasgow. I love how quick these things can be finished - quick payoff, I'm for that! I'll get some pictures tomorrow in the daylight but I've completed a little coat, an EZ surprise jacket and the back of a little argyle sweather that I'm totally in love with (this being my first ever argyle knitting adventure). The coat was from (mostly) a 1937 baby knitting book and is adorable, although it's really small. The yarn I used was originally purchased for an afghan, so there's plenty of it, so I will probably do it again in a larger format. it didn't take any time at all to finish.

Anyway, more of that another time.

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