Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Life is like that

I’m a pretty intuitive sort of person. I trust my feelings (not my emotions but feelings I get about things – emotions aren't completely untrustworthy), I usually follow my hunches and I know that when my inside voice is telling me to pay attention to something and I tell it to shove off, I’m usually going to pay for it. Something like that just happened to me while I was felting my backpack. Here’s the unfelted version:

Here, however, is the felted the liver out of it version. Hummm… I like the shape and I think I’ll go ahead and write up the pattern but I’m a bit disappointed that I sat and let it get to this point. But felting is lot like life – there’s no going back.

Now that I’ve had my Forrest Gump moment, we move on.

Here’s the Roman Stripe Stole I’ve been making as a craft for the read along in my Ravelry Shakespeare group – we’re reading Antony and Cleopatra. The pattern is really fun but you really have to pay attention and keep your wits about you. I’m using Louet Euroflax Paris in Willow. It’s 100% Wet Spun Long Linen and for weavers among us is 14/2. For the non-weavers among us, it’s a lace weight and Willow is a sort of olive green.

And here’s the Pi Shawl using the Habu stainless steel wool yarn. This is being so interesting and really quite challenging. Most of the challenge has to do with the size of the yarn. This photo shows the start of the shawl with the sample of the Euroflax on one side and a light worsted weight yarn on the other just to show the scale of how small this yarn really is.

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