Saturday, April 12, 2008


I had plans for today. I had quite a few plans for today.

Did you ever go to the store with a list in your head of 4 things you needed? Did you ever come out of the store with those things? My guess is you came out with 25 things and when you get home you realize that you never got those original 4 things. That’s sort of what my day was like.

This little purse started life in the night before leaving for my UK trip. It was going to be a money belt. Unfortunately it only got about 12 rounds before I had to pack and leave. I’d gotten this Maggi’s Knits Linen because I wanted to see how it worked up. It laid on the arm of my chair for all the time since I’d been home but all of a sudden last night I decided I wanted to do something with it. After having a little look through some of my stitch dictionaries, I found this one in the Sheila McGregor book, Traditional Scandinavian Knitting which I really liked. This was done on 60 stitches but I think I will write the pattern on 72 stitches so the pattern will be better situated. But I really love the look this linen yarn gives although it’s certainly not the easiest stuff to work with, particularly for color work. That’s probably because I carry both colors in my left hand and it kept slipping out of my hand.

My other accomplishment, although this picture isn’t of the finished variety, it will be finished any minute now – are my new socks. These are the Regia Silk and Silk Color in yellow and Tasmania in stripes of 7 rounds each – just my regular sock recipe but the colors give it a little something, don’t you think?

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