Friday, April 11, 2008

Doily Done

Just a quick post to show off my new doily. I love this pattern with its Art Nouveau feel. It's not blocked properly, I just ironed it out, and I need to work in the ends of the thread but I'm very pleased with it. When it's blocked properly, the tops of the flowers will be more rounded which will be more to my liking.

This one was much more challenging than the other - DMC Cebelia white thread - size 30. Yes, size 30 and US size 0 needles. Yes, quite challenging indeed but also very addictive. I worked on this exclusively for the past 2 weeks and I never do that. Pattern is from the Danish Lace Treasures book, featuring the work of Anna marie Jensen, by Gloria Penning.

Can you believe I'm already getting the itch to do another sweater in the ilk of the aforementioned Danish sweater? I've been wondering about doing a blue and white cardigan - complete with steeks... hummm....I really must be in love!

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