Monday, November 12, 2007

From anywhere...and anytime

Inspiration also comes at the weirdest times. Sitting in church the other morning, I was looking at the stained glass and the column shapes and happened to wonder what a certain stitch pattern would look like. At first I thought it might look good as a summer top but then I wondered what it would look like as a scarf. When I got home I did a quick swatch and fell in love with it. In St Louis a couple of weeks ago I bought some beautiful yarn that I thought would work great. Actually, the yarn was bought for a scarf for my Mom for Christmas (sorry, Mom – you can have the pattern!). Here’s what happened! Easy and cute, what’s not to love? It still needs to be blocked but I love how it looks. Here's a picture of the scarf and a close-up of the stitch pattern.

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