Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Right time and place

I'm a big believer in waiting for the right time and right place, not pushing things that are not ready. 

As an example, about 3 or so years ago I was given 2 cones of 10/2 perle cotton in the most hideous mustard color. I couldn't imagine what I would ever do with it so it has sat in my stash with nothing planned for it. 

When I finally started putting my toe in the weaving pool I thought it might be good throw away warp that I could practice with. 

Before Thanksgiving I finally wound a warp. In January I finally got the little 4-shaft table loom warped. This is the one I found buried in an out of the way antique shop in the wilds of Kentucky about 3 years ago which I spent quite a while cleaning up and putting to rights but haven't yet used. 

And there it sat. I had plans to do some sort of sampling but just wasn't that excited about starting. But tonight I was digging through some supplies where I found some multi-colored cotton flake that a friend had given me several years ago. I couldn't believe it!  It included the perfect colors to match with the warp that I had waiting. The PERFECT colors. 

Now I can't wait to get started weaving my towels. 
The turquoise on the right is just the waste yarn used to set the warp up and the blue in the middle is a perle cotton I was going to use for my sampling. And the. On the left is the beginning of the cotton flake. 

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