Monday, April 27, 2015

I like subtle

Out of the Robyn Spady weaving workshop, I picked 2 of the samples I like best and decided to weave enough for a little bag.

The sample was using my overshot threading and a swivel treadling that I found fascinating. With this pattern, which uses 2 colors for the weft (in my case, blue and natural - the same color as my warp) you make the pattern by alternating the shuttle with the blue and the suttee with the natural. However when you start with the natural first, you get a different but similar pattern. 

Here's what I mean:
I love how the pattern changes so I did the front of the bag with blue first, then added a basic twill treadling for the bottom and the white first pattern for the back. I finished off with a couple of different twill variations for the front flap. 
The flap looks wider because I haven't done the lining yet. Once I do the hem around he flap and the handle, it'll all work. 

Here's a better look at the patterning in the flap. 

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