Thursday, July 14, 2011

Drink of Choice

I’ll say first off I’m an American. Well, I’m a Texan and they say that makes me an American. So I’m an American but I don’t like coffee, which makes some doubt my nationality. I don’t like beer and I’m not too crazy about wine. But I do like me a cup of tea. I like hot tea. Black tea. Oolong tea. White tea. I’ll even drink green tea (if pushed).
The reason I’m telling you this is to to show you this:
I can’t remember where I got this mug but I got the teapot in my visit earlier this year to Shakertown, near Lexington, KY. I love that these go together so beautifully. I love the colors and the flow of the glazing. The tans on the lip of the cup are exactly the same as the tans on the top of the teapot.  It’s proof to me every day at work (when everything else testifies against it) that something beautiful feeds the soul and brings me a calmness that I can’t always manage on my own.

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Deb-ky said...

Coffee, beer and wine, me either. I have tea with me as I speak.